Beemet Power Factor meters are used to monitor changing power factor conditions on irreversible balanced load systems.

The moving coil indicators PF 72/96/144 and a phase angle adjuster are used to monitor changing power factor conditions on ir-reversible balanced load systems & Unbalanced System. The power factor is indirectly determined by measuring the phase angle between current and voltage (both sinusoidal). However the indicators are calibrated in values of cos ö of the angle ö . These meters offer several advantages in Switchboard & Generating Set panels. Number of meters can be mounted in a single Cut out(Mosaic Mounting). The Bezel, Front window glass and Dial can be easily replaced.

Salient Features

• Knife edge pointer.
• Glass filled polycarbonate housing.
• Easily replicable glass and bezel.
• Easy installation with swivel screws.

General Specifications

Scale & Pointer

Pointer Knife-edge pointer
Pointer deflection 0 - 90º
Scale characteristics Non-Linear
Scale division Coarse-fine
Interchangeability Scale are interchangeble


Case details Moulded square case suitable for
mounting in Control / Switchgear
panels, Machinery consoles.
Case material Glass filled polycarbonate
flame retardant and drip proof
front facia Glass
Colour of bezel Black
Position of use Vertical
Panel fixing Swivel screws
Mounting Stackable in a single cutout
Panel thickness < 25 mm
Terminals Hexagon studs, M4 screws and wire
clamps E3 (DIN 46282)


Measured quantity Power Factor
Overload capacity (acc to IS 1248/ IEC 51/ DIN EN 60051)
Short duration 2 times rated voltage
5 Sec max overload

10 times rated current
5 Sec max overload
Accuracy 1.5 according to IS:1248

Enviromental Condition

Climatic suitability Climate category II as per IS : 1248
(climatic class 3 according to VDE / VDI 3540)
Operating temperature -10 ... + 550 C
Storage temperature -25 .... + 650 C
Relative humidity < 75% annual average non-condensing
Shock resistance 15g. 11ms
Vibration resistance 10-55-10 Hz/0.15 mm
1.5 g at about 50 Hz.


Model Dimensions (mm) Scale Length
A B C D E F Panel Cutout
PF-72 72 66 80 68 5.5 68 61
PF-96 96 90 53 92 5.5 64 92 97
PF-144 144 136 53 138 6.5 64 138 146

Connection Diagrams

PF 96/144 Single phase

PF 72/96/144 three ph. bal. Load

PF 72/96/144 three ph. bal. Load

PF96/144 3ph. 3W Unbal. Load

PF 96/144 3ph. 4W Unbal. Load

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