Beemet Ammeter Shunts are manufactured with high quality Manganin wire, which is the best alloy for shunts application with temperature coefficient of only 10ppm. This provides a high level of stability. Our shunts confirm to IS:1248 specifications and are approved by DOT (CACT) Bangalore.

Salient Features

• Very low temperature coefficient.

• In-line bus bar mounting.

• Withstands high overload.

• Ruggedly constructed.

• Shock & vibration proof.

• Long term stability.

• Custom made shunts available.

General Specifications

Milli Volt Drop Standard: 50mV, 60mV, 75mV
Other mV outputs available on request
Accuracy ± 0.5% / ±1.0%
Overload Capacity According to IS: 1248 / IEC 51
        Short duration 10 times for 5s: 1 overload
        Continuously 20% rated current
Temperature Coefficient 0.002% per °C
Ambient Temperature Calibration at 23°C
Operating Temperature -10 to 55°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C
Maximum load Not to exceed 0.1% of the nominal current rating for specified accuracy

Range Chart

I Section 1A – 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 75A, 80A, 100A, 120A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A
L Section 400A, 500A, 600A, 750A, 800A, 1000A, 1200A, 1500A, 2000A, 2500A, 3000A
T Section 4000A, 5000A, 6000A, 7500A, 8000A, 10000A, 12000A, 15000A


• Shunts may be mounted horizontally or vertically. Horizontal mounting gives the best heat dissipation.
• Utilize the full end block surface area.
• Ample ventilation should be provided.
• Busbar should be adequately rated, cleaned and coated with a thin layer of silicon grease applied to the contact surface area.
• Bolts & nuts must be carefully tightened.​