Who we are

BEEMET instruments, is India's leader in the test and measurement industry.

BEEMET has helped define a unique market for quality analog measuring instruments used in the manufacturing and service industry. In tune with continued innovation which has been the motto here, today BEEMET also manufactures and supplies digital test and measurement solutions to meet industry needs. Leading companies in the telecommunication, electrical, electronics, isntrumentation and manufacturing sectors as well as educational institutions depend on BEEMET panel meters for their measurment requirements. Apart from the domestic market, BEEMET also exports its instruments to major countries in five continents across the globe.

What we make

BEEMET specialises in manufacturing analog panel meters and shunts. The product range offers a wide variety of moving coil and moving iron voltmeters, ammeters and frequency meters. These instruments come in various styles (front mounting, rear mounting, desktop placing, etc.), sizes (120x120mm, 98x48mm, 62×39.5mm, etc.) and specifications (0-20uA, 0-5000A, 0-1000mV, 0-600V, etc.) to suit virtually every requirement. External shunts manufactured by BEEMET are available in a range of 1A – 10,000A with 50, 60 or 75mV drop. In addition BEEMET makes digital modules and digital panel meters and is introducing digital multimeters to serve the ever-growing industry needs.

What entices the customer

The word BEEMET is synonymus with quality and reliability in the test and measurement industry. Continued and dedicated R&D has enabled BEEMET to perfect the design of its measuring instruments. As a result, the accuracy, ruggedness, precision, safety and reliability of BEEMET instruments guarantees the customer of a quality end-product.

Besides, BEEMET specialises in made-to-order solutions where custom-made specifications provided by the client are transformed into reality.

Finally, one of the most crucial concerns as a customer is affordability. BEEMET offers the most competetive prices in the industry today. Our clients based in India and abroad are a testimony to this fact.

Our mission

To provide quality, economic and user-friendly test and measurement solutions worldwide.