Beemet is a leading Ammeter Manufacturer, Ammeter Exporters and Ammeter supplier in India. We have won the trust of many customers around the world by providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Our Ammeters are used in several commercial and industrial applications.

Beemet ammeters are available in various models and sizes to suit the customer’s requirements. They come in DIN sizes (40/72/96/144), wide view clear polycarbonate front, rear panel mounting type, round glass front-type, 240 degrees circular scale type, educational portable type as well as the Saxon and Fiesta series. Maximum demand indicator / bimetallic ammeters are available in 2 and 3 pointer type. 

The meter housing is made with ABS and polycarbonate plastics. Our ammeters are available in DC permanent magnet moving coil type, AC moving iron type and moving coil rectifier type. The microammeters are available from 25μA – 1000μA, milliammeters from 1mA – 1000mA, ammeters from 1A – 60A (internal shunt), 1A – 10000A (with external shunt) and similar range for AC ammeters with external CT. We also manufacture digital ammeters in various sizes (96×48/96×96/48×48) as well as in compact module form.

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