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Welcome to the world of BEEMET

BEEMET has been striving hard to provide quality test and measuring solutions to the industry. Apart from providing our hallmark measuring instruments to leading Indian companies and Government institutions, today BEEMET exports its meters to virtually every continent across the globe.

Our analog and digital ammeters, voltmeters, frequency meters and dc ammeter shunts adorn the panels of prestigious electronics & electrical manufacturing, telecommunication, railways and defense installations in India and abroad.

Our Products Range

Traditional panel meters with upright scales & clear glass fronts with Round & Rectangular shapes and Scale interchangeability in selective models. 240° wide angle meters provide better readability. Edgewise meters provide maximum performance in the smallest of space for vertical & horizontal mounting.

Digital Panel meters in 96×96, 72×72 and 96x48mm sizes with microcontroller based design. Multifunction meters with wide range of parameters and RS485 connectivity for remote sensing. Digital modules in two different bezels are available.

Shunt for DC application to drive Ammeters & for use in control devices as overload protection. Range 1A to 20,000A. Made to order sizes and ranges available as per customer requirement.

Comprehensive range of CT’s which includes tape-wound, encapsulated ring-type & moulded case fire retardant metering CT’s with apertures accepting a wide range of busbar sizes.

Wide range of switchgear products such as time-lapse hour meters, impulse counters, selector switches, variable resistors and CBCT + ELR manufactured as per industry specifications.

Why Beemet?

Over the years, BEEMET has been the trusted partner for precision instruments like analog and digital ammeters, voltmeters, dc-shunts, current transformers, impulse counters, variable resistors, and more, for top-tier clients across the globe.

The three key features that make us stand out are:

  • High-Quality – Our precision instruments are hand crafted using the finest materials to provide an unmatched performance along with a durable design for long-lasting use.
  • Pricing – Our superb quality instruments are offered at an affordable price without compromising on the quality of the instruments.
  • Delivery Period –  Our prompt and reliable order delivery ensures that we are able to support our clients’ projects and stay on proper schedule.

Regions we serve

At BEEMET, we are dedicated to serving clients with high-quality precision measuring instruments like Voltmeters, Ammeters, Shunts, Current Transformers (CTs), and other products across the world. While we have a global presence, some of the countries where we proudly have clients include:

Our Clients


Yes, BEEMET specializes in made-to-order solutions where custom-made specifications provided by the client are transformed into reality.

BEEMET offers the most competitive prices in the industry today. Our clients based in India and abroad are a testimony to this fact.

BEEMET specializes in the production of analog and digital panel meters and shunts. Our product range offers a wide variety of voltmeters, ammeters, and frequency meters. We also make digital modules and digital panel meters and are introducing digital multimeters.

A Meter Panel Board is used to control, monitor, and measure the flow of electricity in an industrial setting. It is designed to provide a safe and reliable means of distributing electrical power to various circuits.