Beemet is a leading Voltmeter manufacturer, Voltmeter supplier and Voltmeter exporter in India.  We offer a wide range of high-quality Voltmeters and Digital Voltmeters. Our electric digital Voltmeters are manufactured with the finest materials for unmatched performance and durable design for long-lasting use, ensuring our clients get precisely what they need at excellent value. 

Beemet voltmeters are available in various models and sizes to suit the customer’s requirements. They come in DIN sizes (40/72/96/144), wide view clear polycarbonate front, rear panel mounting type, round glass front-type, 240 degrees circular scale type, educational portable type as well as the Saxon and Fiesta series. The meter housing is made with ABS and polycarbonate plastics. 

Our voltmeters are available in DC permanent magnet moving coil type, AC moving iron type and moving coil rectifier type. All our voltmeters are available in a wide range from 10mV – 600V. We also manufacture digital voltmeters in various sizes (96×48/96×96/48×48) as well as in compact module form.

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BEEMET is committed to catering to clients by providing quality voltmeters worldwide, and we are pleased to have clients in various countries around the world:


Voltmeter is a device used to measure the electrical voltage in a circuit. It helps ensure that electronic devices receive the right amount of electrical push for proper operation and safety.


An analog voltmeter uses a needle or pointer to indicate voltage on a scale, while a digital voltmeter provides a numerical readout on a digital display. Analog voltmeters are more responsive and easier to read by untrained people. Digital voltmeters on the other hand provide more precise and accurate readings.


The voltmeter should always be set to the appropriate range, connected properly to the circuit, and be mindful of the voltage being measured to prevent damage to the instrument.


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