Salient Features

•  All ratios available to match commonly available ELRs.
•  Compact.
•  Light weight.
•  Encapsulated ABS moulding.
•  Terminals are finger proof touch as per IEC 44-1 and IEC185
•  Cost effective.


•  Highly linear.
•  Highly accurate.
•  Light in weight.


•  For detection of leakage current & transmiting proportional signal to ELR.

Supply Specifications

Supply Voltage 90-270V AC/DC (±15%)
Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 3VA max.


Alarm Relay Output( optional ) 50% of Range 1 SPDT switch NO(5A and 240V AC) NC (5A and 240V AC)
Trip Relay Output 80-90% of Range 1 SPDT switch NO (5A and 240V AC) NC (5A and 240V AC)
Relay Contacts 1 potential free contact (NO,C & NC)
Contact Rating 6A/230V AC/28V D

Technical Specifications

System Voltage 720V max.
Insulation Voltage 3 kV for 1 minute
System Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum permissible current 1 kA continuous
5 kA for 1.5 sec
Current Ratio 1/1000, 1/600 any other on request

Mechanical Specifications

Terminal conductor ≤ 2.5
Distance between toroid and relay < 50 meters
Enclosure Flame retardant glass filled ABS
Mounting Four fixing slots


Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Humidity <95 RH


Inner Diameter : 35mm Weight : 80

Inner Diameter : 70mm Weight : 125 g

Inner Diameter : A x B

Inner Diameter : D

Inner Diameter : 120mm Weight : 190 g

Inner Diameter : 210mm Weight : 250 g

Installation Guidelines

Correct installation of the Earth Lekage Relay and toroid should ensure trouble free operation, if this documents is followed.

•  Always ensure the Earth conductor Does Not pass through the toroid. If it is unavoidable,
    the Earth must be routed back through the toroid again and around, as shown in Fig:2 beside.

•  As a rule, select a toroid that has an inside diameter which is twice that or greater than
    the outsider diameter of the cables to be passed through.

•  Ensure the cable is central in the toroid.

•  Place the toroid on a straight, section of cable, not near a bend.

•  Keep the cable and toroid from intense magnetic fields from nearby equipment.

•  Do not pass individual through seperate toroids, as shown in Fig: 3

Connection Diagram

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