This image shows two models of our power analyser meters. The model numbers are PA-96(S) and PA-96

PA - 96( S )

PA - 96

Beemet multifunction meter is designed to reduce panel space, wiring and installation time. Its adjustable range reduces inventory. It is used in wide ranging applications such as control panels, distribution systems, gensets, etc.

Salient Features

• Site programmable CT & PT Ratio
• True RMS measurement
• Password protection
• Maximum demand with relay contact
• Optional features:
    RS 485 computer interface
    60A direct current(Internal CT Module 
• Harmonic measurement (total and individual)
• Autoranging
• Universal auxiliary supply

Measuring Parameters

• VL- L (Individual/Average)
• VL- N (Individual/Average)
• Current (Individual/Average)
• Power factor (Individual/Average)
• Frequency
• Power: (Active, Reactive and Apparent)
• Maximum demand: (kW, kVA)
• Peak maximum demand: (kW, kVA)
• Energy (Active, Reactive inductive,
    Reactivecapacitive, Apparent)
• Run hour (Import, Export and Total)
• Total Harmonic Distortion “upto 31st” order


• To caution on the Extra Energy Consumption
• To identify inefficiency of Machine/Man
• Reduce Panel Space, Wiring, Installation Time


• Control Panel
• Distribution System
• Generator sets
• Motor Control
• Test Bench
• Energy Management
• Process Control & SCADA

General Specifications

Electrical Connection 3Ø – 4 wire
Input Voltage 0-500 VAC (L-L)/0-300V (L-N)
Input Current 0.015A-6A AC
Frequency 45 – 65Hz
Resolution Energy 0.1 kWh
Power factor: 0.001
Frequency: 0.01 Hz
Voltage: Autoranging
Current: Autoranging
Power: Autoranging
Accuracy Voltage ±0.5% of F.S.
Current ±0.5% of F.S.
Power Factor ±0.5% of F.S.
Frequency ±0.1% of F.S.
Power (Active, Reactive and Apparent): 1%
Energy (Active, Reactive and Apparent): Class 1
Burden Voltage: 0.2 VA max. per input
Current: 0.2 VA max. per input
Auxiliary Supply: 3 VA max.


Display 4 rows of 4 digits (For parameter)LED display
Digit Height 0.39” (9.9mm)
Display Scrolling Automatic/Manual

Supply Voltage

Auxiliary Supply 90 – 270V AC/DC (±15%)
Frequency 50 / 60Hz

Output Specifications

Communication Rs 485
Relay Output 1 C/O relay for max demand

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Operating : -10° to 55°C
Storage : -20° to 75°C
Humidity < 95% RH

Settable Parameters

C.T Primary 1/5A to 10000A (Programmable)
C.T Secondary 1/5A( Programmable )
P.T Ratio Programmable upto 132 kV
Display Reset Energy

Mechanical Specification

Mounting Flush Mounting with Side Clamps
Weight 280g
Enclosure Material ABS Thermoplastic


Connection Diagram

Ordering Information

Ordering Code Current Rating Comm.RS485
PA-96 0-5A, CT Programmable
PA-96-60A-1P-M 0-60A, external C for 1 phase (M)
PA-96-60A-1P-N 0-60A, external CT for 1 phase (N)
PA-96-60A-1P-NX.X 0-60A, external CT for 1 phase (NX.X)
PA-96-60A-3P-M 0-60A, external CT for 3 phase (M)
PA-96-60A-3P-N 0-60A, external CT for 3 phase (N)
PA-96-60A-3P-NX.X 0-60A, external CT for 3 phase (NX.X)
PA-96-C 0-5A, CT Programmable
PA-96-60A-1P-M-C 0-60A, external CT for 1 phase (M)
PA-96-60A-1P-N-C 0-60A, external CT for 1 phase (N)
PA-96-60A-1P-NX.X-C 0-60A, external CT for 1 phase (NX.X)
PA-96-60A-3P-M-C 0-60A, external CT for 3 phase (M)
PA-96-60A-3P-N-C 0-60A, external CT for 3 phase (N)
PA-96-60A-3P-NX.X-C 0-60A, external CT for 3 phase (NX.X)
PA-96 code
for external CT of 60A programmed for single phase 60A-1P
for external CT of 60A programmed for three phase 60A-3P



Ordering Code
The above module to be mounted behind the meter M
The above module to be supplied with1 meter long Leads N
The above module to be supplied with long leads (any length on request) *Where X.X is length to be specified for eg. 2.5 NX.X

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