Analog Meters

Analog Meters

Wide range of DC Moving-Coil, AC Moving-Iron and AC Moving-Coil Rectifier type analog panel meters in various DIN sized / Clear models, Front flush-mounting / Rear-mounting type and 90° (side-pointer type) / 240° (long-scale type) available as per requirements.


 An analog meter is an electrical measuring device that displays readings on a continuous scale, such as a dial or a needle. Unlike digital meters, analog meters use physical movement to represent the measurement.

Analog meters offer several benefits, including a visual representation of the measurement, ease of interpretation, and the ability to quickly identify trends and changes in the measurement.

 The accuracy of analog meters depends on the manufacturer and model, but they are generally accurate within a few percent of the reading.

Yes, some analog meters are designed to handle high temperatures and harsh environments. The manufacturer should specify the temperature range for a particular model.

Yes, analog meters can be used in safety critical applications, but it is important to choose a high-quality, reliable product from a reputable manufacturer and to have the device properly installed and maintained.

Yes, some analog meter manufacturers offer custom configurations for specific applications.

The maximum current or voltage that an analog meter can measure depends on the manufacturer and model, but it can range from a few millivolts to several kilovolts and from a few milliamperes to several kiloamperes.