BEE 601

This is the model BEE-601 of the C.T. These current transformers are ultrasonically welded and unbreakable.

Beemet current transformers are made of ABS plastic moulding with apertures accepting a wide range of busbar. These CTs are ultrasonically welded and unbreakable.

Salient Features

• Compact size with ease of mounting.
• High accuracy and reliability.
• Highly cost effective.

General Specifications

Accuracy Class 1.5/1
Primary Current 400A - 1600A
Secondary Current 5A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Load 10VA, 15VA
Rated Current 2.55 x Ith
Thermal nominal continuous 1.2 times rated current continuously

Selection Chart

Ratio 1 VA 2.5 VA
400/5A class 1
500/5A class 0.5
600/5A class 0.5 1
750/5A class 0.5 1
800/5A class 0.5 1
1000/5A class 0.5
1200/5A class 0.5
1500/5A class 0.5
1600/5A class 0.5


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