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BEEMET has been striving hard to provide quality test and measuring solutions to the industry. Apart from providing our hallmark measuring instruments to leading Indian companies and Government institutions, today BEEMET exports its meters to virtually every continent across the globe. Our analog and digital ammeters, voltmeters, frequency meters and dc ammeter shunts adorn the panels of prestigious electronic, electrical, manufacturing, telecommunication, railway and defense installations in India and abroad.

An ISO 9001-2008 certified company

BEEMET specialises in manufacturing analog panel meters - moving coil and moving iron voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, dc ammeter shunts and other measuring instruments. At the end of the day it is the customer satisfaction the drives the team at BEEMET to innovate and to serve.

Traditional panel meters with upright scales & clear glass fronts with Round & Rectangular shapes. Edgewise meters provide maximum performance in the smallest of space for vertical & horizontal mounting.
Specially designed for behind the panel mounting. This design improves panel outlook & also makes the instrument dust proof.
Frequency Meter
SPointer type Frequency meters with a clear well defined scale marking. Vibrating read type Frequency meters indicate frequency by vibrating read
Shunt for DC application to drive Ammeters & for use in control devices as overload protection. Range 1A to 20,000A.
Digital Meter
Digital Panel meters with standard 96x96 size along with 72x72 & 96x48mm size with microcontroller based design. Digital modules in two different bezels are available.
Multifunction Meter
Multifunction meters have wide applications to measure all electrical parameters such as A, V,Hz,KW,PF,KVA,KVAR,KWH,for single & three phase use with onsite programmable CT & PT ratio.
Power Analyser
Power Analyser helps measure and analyse various parameters of power for efficiency of energy consumption. It assists in reducing power wastage, calculating loads and costs associated with power consumption. Its comes with a user adjustible scale.
Educational Meter
Beemet Laboratory Desktop instruments are specially designed for easy use in educational institutes laboratory. These meters are offered with anti-parallax mirror for clear & precise reading.
Current Transformers
Comprehensive range of CT's which includes tapewound, encapsulated ringtype & moulded case fire retardant metering CT's with apertures accepting a wide range of busbar sizes.

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